What Kids Have to Say about Between the Lines

Some of my favorite readers!

Some of my favorite readers!



I’ve been blessed by the reviews for Between the Lines, but many of the reviews that touch me the most come from my young readers, students who believe like I do–with kindness we can all make a difference.

I’d like to share a few of these reviews with you today.

“Between The Lines is a good book to read if you like school, drama and
friendship.I would give the book 1 million stars on amazon.com. The
book gets so much better at the end. At the end of the book they all
become friends again.” Wade

Wade's photo

Wade's photo

“Powerful, that describes Between the Lines. The Detroit riots force a young girl named Hattie and her family to move. She loses her friends and is forced to go to a public school. Beverly Jo, the only black girl in the school, is the first to be nice to Hattie and they become friends. Ann, or Crackers, is a fearless tomboy who lost her mom when she was a baby, and also meets Hattie. These three friends have many problems ahead.

Hattie’s mom doesn’t want Hattie and Beverly Jo to be friends because of racism at the time. Will they try to sneak the friendship or stay Between the Lines?

This book has some racism, which may be hard to comprehend for younger readers. Some boys may not be interested in reading this book, although, I loved it. This is the first book for children that Claudia Whitsitt has written. I look forward to the second.”


“Between the Lines is an amazing book, and I never wanted it to end. The story is told from Hattie’s point of view, a ten year-old Catholic girl who was forced to move and is starting public school. She is very nervous until she meets Beverly Jo, the only black girl in the school. They become friends, and soon meet Crackers, the class clown.

The girls make a great team, but Hattie’s mom doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Hattie to be friends with Beverly. Hattie is very upset; she doesn’t understand why people should be treated differently because of the color of their skin. It’s hard to believe people were treated so terribly because of their skin color, but I learned a lot from this book. I learned about the Detroit riots and much more.

Claudia Whitsitt really shows their feelings and emotions. It is realistic, and while you read, you feel like it is happening before your eyes. The book really pulls you in and never lets go.

I would definitely recommend Between the Lines to anyone. It is a great read and everyone would enjoy reading it, and learn a little from it too.” Emily

Emily's photo

Emily's photo

”I would love you even if you were a white girl,” was the line that touched my heart. Between the Lines is a historical fiction story of true friendship.

When the Detroit Riots start on one of the main character’s tenth birthday she is heartbroken. Then Hattie is forced to go to public school for the first time. This is when she meets two friends, Beverly Jo Nichols, her first black friend, and Crackers, a crazy tomboy.

This is my favorite book of all time! When I read it, I could not take my eyes off of it! This book is so fun to read!

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a beautiful story of friendship and love.

I learned so many new things while reading Between the Lines. It is truly a wonderful book.”  


And last, but not least, is Anna’s review. I am so touched by these reviews. Each and every one warms my heart and inspires me to continue writing about Hattie, Beverly Jo, and Crackers’ adventures.

As I continue to visit schools, I’m closer to my readers than ever, and impressed by student’s desire to take my message to heart and spread ACTS of KINDNESS wherever they go! You guys are Rock Stars, and don’t you forget it!

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