The Wrong Guy is Here!

The Wrong Guy — Claudia Whitsitt

Gripping. Compelling. Fast-moving who dunnit!

The Wrong Guy, a mystery for both new adults and those who enjoy revisiting their college years, hits the Amazonbookstore today!

Pretty awesome, right?

Here’s the back cover blurb:

~Catholic girls are a species of their own!

It’s 1969 when Katie Hayes arrives at Eastern Michigan University where a serial killer has brutally raped and murdered seven young women, and she’s armed herself with a rosary and her Nancy Drew books.  Yes, she’s a bit naïve.  But her transition to college life is picture perfect. In her roommate, she finds the sister she never had, and in her speech class, she meets the man of her dreams. Then the unthinkable happens—Katie becomes the victim of a vicious crime, and her life begins to unravel.  A crazed kidnapper is back on campus, and Katie finds herself not only in the middle of the investigation, but considered a possible suspect. On the heels of inconsolable loss, Katie begins to understand that she is the intended target. As she realizes her life and the lives of the ones she loves are at risk, her Nancy Drew persona takes over.  She is hell-bent on trapping the perpetrator and making sure the man behind bars isn’t The Wrong Guy.

Like most of the population, my college years were crucial years. I made lasting friendships, chose my career, made far-reaching decisions that affected my future and my values. In the midst of all that, I had more fun than any one person should be allowed. (Shhh! Don’t tell!) But at the same time, my college experience was strikingly different from that of the average co-ed.

The Co-Ed Killings haunted the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti community and both Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan campuses. As a college freshman attending EMU on the heels of John Norman Collins arrest, the crimes shaped my view of the world and how I approached life. Anyone who attended EMU or U of M during that terrorizing time will tell you that they didn’t have the typical college experience. Seven young women had been brutally slain in the two years prior to my arrival. As freshmen, we were warned by our dorm mother never to travel alone, to carry mace on our key rings, and to lace our keys between our fingers when we were traveling on campus. Living in fear was part of our daily experience, and trust became an overriding issue during a time of life that should have been filled with carefree days. Not normal! Given the fact that our brains weren’t fully developed (that happens at about age twenty-five for women) and that we were inherently risk-takers, we took our lives in our hands whenever we left the dorm unaccompanied.

Gregory Fournier, an expert on the Co-ed Murders said this after reading The Wrong Guy, “Whitsitt accurately depicts campus culture as she takes her heroine through the ups and downs of dormitory living and adjusting to her new life of freedom and possibility, juxtaposed against her inhibitions and keen sense of guilt-driven family responsibility.”

Reviewer Kanai gives it 5 STARS and says, “What a great book! I loved the way the author used fiction and true crime to create a fun, suspenseful and satisfying mystery. There characters were colorful and believable. I just loved it!”

*The Wrong Guy is the rerelease of a previously published novel.