Readers Want to Know


In celebration of the cover reveal for INTERNAL ISSUES, I’m answering reader questions, an author reveal of sorts. Call it a behind the scenes interview, a tell-all if you will. Think National Enquirer. (If only my life were that interesting. On second thought, I’d rather it wasn’t).

Here we go!

As a reader that lives in the same locale as you, I notice some familiar settings and wonder how much you draw from your real life when you write this series? G.C.

Great question. As many of my readers know, IDENTITY ISSUES was based on some real life events. My husband’s passport was stolen, we did receive a threatening letter from Botswana, a school headmaster phoned me from that country for over seven years insisting that my husband was the man he searched for, and a woman showed up at parent/teacher conferences ten years after the theft concerned that I was married to her husband. These true events spurred the writing of IDENTITY ISSUES, and the questions that were unanswered at the end of my real-life story, the impetus for the next installments in the series.

You have five children like Sam. How much do you use events that happened with your own children in your books?

Uh-oh! You caught me! I can’t resist inserting some of the wonderful adventures I’ve shared with my own children over the years. So far, they’ve allowed me a wide berth, but I can’t imagine that will continue forever. Unless I buy them off, that is!

How many books do you have planned for the series? A.L.

I’ll write the series until my heart is no longer in it. I love Sam and McGrath, but want to be sure that they continue to have compelling stories to tell. I’ve already begun writing book 4 and can envision at least 5 books in the series.

You recently retired from teaching. How has that affected your writing? M.T.

First of all, and most obviously, it allowed me more time to write. I also get to wear sweats all day if I want to! Keeping my former students in mind though, I decided to write a book geared to middle grade students, and finished the first draft of BETWEEN THE LINES at the beginning of this month. Another exciting adventure in the works is my decision to indie publish THE WRONG GUY which was previously published by Echelon Press. I would never have considered taking on this venture when I was teaching, there just simply weren’t hours enough in the day.

Will we ever learn more about McGrath’s past? L.L.

I’m thinking of writing a prequel of sorts in which we learn more about hottie McGrath. Not a full-length novel but a novella. Interested, readers?

How much do you and Sam have in common? B.P.

Quite a bit, actually. Both Sam and I are teachers. We both have five children. I think that readers who know me would say that they hear my voice in Sam’s, but there are certain places where Sam and I depart. First of all, I hate dangerous situations. I’m also done raising my family, while Sam is in the throes of raising hers. I guess I could give her some advice. That Nick of hers can be quite a challenge!

What past experiences do you have that contribute to your ability to write both male and female characters so well? L.B.


Thanks for the compliment, L.B. It all started with my five brothers and being raised in a male-dominated household. Since I’m the oldest, I spent hours babysitting and hours observing my brothers antics. I’m also fascinated by the differences between men and women and the approach we take to different issues and situations. I love the interplay between Sam and McGrath and the ways their relationship changes and plays out over the course of the series. I don’t want to spoil anything for my readers, but things get pretty interesting in INTERNAL ISSUES.

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about Sam, McGrath and me! I hope you enjoy the books and characters, and please leave me comments and questions. I love talking to you!