Blog Hop: Importance


Thanks to Doug Bornemann for inviting me to participate in this Blog Hop and encouraging me to think about why I’m writing what I am and how it fits into this big wide world I somehow forget I live in. Doug is a fellow author who wrote a fascinating sci-fi fantasy novel, The Demon of Histlewick Downs, which has me riveted in just the first few pages. Doug is also a geneticist by day, and holds a law degree, along with being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met.


Why are you working on the project you are writing now? Why is it important? (to you, or to the world…)

My students made my do it! I promised them that when I retired from teaching I would write a book that they could read. (I DO NOT want them reading my other novels!)

I chose historical fiction for two reasons. One, I’m old enough that my childhood fits into that genre now, and two, it’s one of my favorite genres to read.

BETWEEN THE LINES is important to me because it is a gift to my students and I hold the book’s themes near and dear to my heart. The lesson of the novel is tolerance with a strong dose of the importance of belonging (and the enduring power friendship woven in for extra measure). Attending 5th grade can be a trial that challenges students in many ways—they have to work harder, think about values they held true in their young lives in a different light as they are exposed to new perspectives and ideas, all the while making friends and negotiating the ins and outs of relationships.

I’ve taken the book and its characters into the classroom and love the connection with the students. It’s comforting to still have my toes in the classroom, even though the bulk of my life is spent in my little writing room. Just me, the keyboard, and the silence.

Now, I’m excited to pass the torch on to one of my favorite authors who will be answering the same question with regard to his current work in progress.

Jeremy Lee James is the author of I, Jequon and With Mercy, parts one and two of The Nephilim Chronicles. Both of these books are edge-of-your-seat nail biters. When I read them, I feel like I’m at an adventure movie, holding onto my husband’s hand for dear life. The scenes unfold beautifully, and in spite of the breakneck speed, there are moments of tenderness and romance. Always a plus for me! Be sure to check out Jeremy’s take on his current work in progress here next Friday, September 12th.