Between the Lines Cover Reveal

Ann 5th grade
Beverly Jo

It won’t be long now! The anticipated release date for BETWEEN THE LINES is March 20, 2015.

Here’s the story:

Hattie Percha meets bad luck at every turn. The 1967 Detroit Riots start on her tenth birthday, and she must move away from her childhood home and treasured friends two weeks later. Add the fact she’s attending public school for the first time and Hattie is ready to take up permanent residence in her bedroom closet. Then, she meets Beverly Jo Nichols, a colored girl, and a fearless tomboy, Crackers. Despite opposition from Hattie’s mother and a racist teacher, the threesome joins forces and the Dream Girls are born.

At Hattie’s insistence, the girls take on bigotry and intolerance, willing to do whatever it takes to hold onto what’s most precious to them all, their friendship.

Cajun Book Lover had this to say about the story:

“In this 5 star read, Ms. Whitsitt introduces us to an unlikely trio that will embed themselves in your heart and never leave. This is a story of love and friendship that I would highly recommend to young and old.

When shots are fired and riots break out in Hattie’s Detroit neighborhood, her parents make the decision to move to a safer area. Hattie is saddened when she finds out she has to leave her friends and school behind. In the new neighborhood she will attend public school where she meets two strong amazing girls a-lot like herself. This trio will form a friendship we all wish we were lucky enough to be part of.

My daughter and I read this book together and loved it. It is a story that will stay with both of us for many years to come!”

This book has special meaning for me. For the last few years of my teaching career, my students begged me to write a book they could read. I promised them I would do just that once I retired from my day job and became a full-time author. BETWEEN THE LINES is the result. Based on and inspired by the friendships I made in college, I transported myself and my two friends back in time and imagined what life would have been like had we been friends at a younger time in our lives. As it was, we were coeds at Eastern Michigan University on the heels of the Detroit Riots. Tensions still ran high between blacks and whites at the time, and yet we formed a friendship that lasts until this very day.