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In honor of my character Samantha’s love of wine, I’ve put together a giveaway!

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I’m also doing a GoodReads giveaway – because you guys are the best and most supportive people around!

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Identity Issues by Claudia Teal Whitsitt

Identity Issues

by Claudia Teal Whitsitt

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The Samantha Series

I’ve just published the third book in my Samatha Series, Internal Issues. Sam is a strong woman, and she can take a lot… but this might just break her.

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Internal Issues

Samantha Stitsill tracked her husband’s mistress to Japan, was deceived into a meeting with his murderer and, with detective Jim McGrath, killed him… again.

The poor woman needs a break. But, she’s not that lucky…

After arriving home, a friend leaves a frantic phone message and then disappears.Though Sam’s instincts warn against it, she can’t resist gathering information. Dangerous men begin to follow her, and Sam realizes she has inadvertently placed her family in peril once again. This time, her greatest fears will come true.

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Intimacy Issues

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Identity Issues


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The Wrong Guy


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